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In a nutshell, the story that is creatively woven into the fabric of Candy Girl Mentality serves as a powerful tool used to teach valuable life lessons about overcoming life’s challenges, persevering through difficult times, and adopting an entrepreneur’s mindset.

Those who dare to read this page-turning memoir can expect to have their lives changed…forever!

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    "Chock-full of lessons and personal conviction to be successful.”


    Meadows Consulting

  • "Candy Girl Mentality is well-written, engaging,
    and entertaining!"


    "I can't believe it's Lisa’s first book. It definitely should not be her last.”


    Avid Reader

  • "Candy Girl Mentality helps me believe in my future success!"


    "Thank you, Ms. Lisa, for being an example of what's possible!"


    Class of 2024 Graduate, Mercy High School, Farmington Hills, MI