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Lisa Howze

Candy Girl Mentality Book 2-Bundle (“Twin Pack”)

Candy Girl Mentality Book 2-Bundle (“Twin Pack”)

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Twin Pack

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Keep one for yourself and gift the second one to a dear friend, colleague, or educator.

Part memoir, part personal finance and self-help manifesto, Candy Girl Mentality is drenched in transparency, as it reveals how Detroit native Lisa Howze – the product of her parents’ secret love affair – was thrust into adversity at birth. A mistake? More like living proof that “Everything happens for a reason!”

Skilled at spinning life and career setbacks into bounce-backs, this inspiring woman, who once sold candy in high school, was even elected to the Michigan House of Representatives before being empowered to run for Detroit mayor. Throughout Candy Girl Mentality, Lisa takes readers on an exhilarating ride to witness the importance of investing in yourself, taking calculated risks, and exercising patience and forgiveness to achieve remarkable success.

While Lisa’s story is far from over, she fully understands that ambitious goal-getters will never know where they are going if they do not reflect on where they have been.

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